We believe
the future of software engineering is data-driven.

Every company is a software company

Today, it seems every industry and every company is undergoing a digital transformation and every company is developing its own software. Companies that best use technology to create competitive advantage will win.

But engineering is still in the dark

Anaxi_Engineering Metrics Siloed@2x

Engineering metrics are partitioned and siloed across projects and tools.

Anaxi_Engineering Metrics Manual Process@2x

It’s a tedious, time-consuming & error-prone manual process to keep track.

We have a hard time answering simple questions

Anaxi_On track@2x

Will our projects be on track?

Anaxi_Team Contribution@2x

What is the team’s actual contribution?


Are we focusing on the right priorities?


Which part of the code needs attention?

At Anaxi, we want to change this!

We believe in a future where any contributor at any level in the product organization should have access to the right actionable information so they can make smarter decisions faster.

By the way, why the name “Anaxi”?

Anaxi comes from Anaximander, a student of Thales and teacher of Pythagoras in ancient Greece. He is the first person who concluded that we were composed of definite particles (atoms), in an attempt to explain how the nature phenomena could work.

In short a smart guy trying to understand large things by making sense of small ones.
Which reminds us of engineering management!

Meet the founders

Marc Verstaen has been managing engineering teams for more than 20 years, lastly at Docker as EVP Product Development. He's also been 3 times CEO and co-founded 2 startups.

John Lafleur co-founded 3 startups before becoming the CEO of CodinGame, a platform where developers improve their coding skills through games. He has been leading product teams for the past 9 years.

Having felt first-hand the intricacies of software management that grow along the size of your team, Marc and John are passionate about helping to shape the future of software development.

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