Engineering Productivity

What the perfect project management tool should look like

Why do we have this kind of love-hate relationship with our project management tools, and just feel love for tools as Slack. Why is that? We decided to research this topic to understand what the perfect project management would look like!

A New Way for Developers to Tame Their Notifications

Every day, I spend half an hour going through all the new activitiies. I have dozens of Jira tabs open. This is a long process every day. The worst of it is when I’m done, here is a new update. But maybe, there could be a better way…


Making GitHub the Most Powerful Project Management Tool

Compared to all other ticketing tools, GitHub Issues is the only platform giving entire freedom to define whatever types of labels you want. Are there any unique best practices that should get us to switch to GitHub to manage our projects?

Culture is the Behavior You Reward and Punish

You should ask the following questions for your company: So what should you do to get ahead at your company? What makes people successful here? What made you successful? That’s your culture. Your culture is the behaviors you reward and punish.

Which track to take? Engineering or People management

Every manager reaches a point where they need to choose: do they want to manage engineers (a “line manager”), or do they want to try to climb the organization chart – manage managers etc? They should be critical of the instinct to climb the org chart..