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For CTO: When is the time to pay technical debt?

By John Lafleur 1 minute read

TL;DR: Some technical debt needs to be repaid ASAP, and some can wait for years without any problem. This is a great article to learn how to make the difference.


Developers often complain about technical debt and want to get some time to fix it. Be it a significant refactoring, or a rewrite. Usually, this time is a considerable investment.

Your gut feeling tells you that this time is better spent somewhere else.

Perhaps you think that these are just small issues that bother your developers, and they are not a real problem.

What if one of these is a big one?

What if one of these complaints is an indicator of a serious issue that will lead the whole team to a stop in a few months?

So how do you distinguish these critical signals from the noise?


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