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Why you learn the most when you feel like you’re struggling as a developer

By John Lafleur 1 minute read

TL;DR: You learn the most when you face the greatest challenges. You need to go outside of your comfort zone to learn faster.


The times when I have made the greatest leaps in my development skills have been when I struggled to learn something new and didn’t give up. This has not always been easy for me. I have come across a few ideas that have helped me push through my personal blocks.

Perhaps you can relate.

It’s all too easy to feel frustrated when you are faced with software engineering problems that are hard. I sometimes experience a feeling of wanting to give up. In situations like this I’ve observed my rational mind coming up with reasons why I should go spend time on something I’m more familiar with or complaining that the problem is beyond me.

I know I’m not alone.

I see people on Reddit talking about the challenges they’re having with their classes and I have had many conversations with other professional engineers who are facing doubts about their ability to grasp complicated concepts that their colleagues seem to “just get”.

Although it’s not easy, being able to persevere in the face of these challenges is so valuable.

Over the years I have developed a few mental strategies that have helped me get through these hard times.


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