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How Do You Measure Leadership?

By John Lafleur 1 minute read

TL;DR: Are you a good leader? How do you know? The trick to measuring leadership is to measure a leader’s effectiveness along 3 dimensions:

Clarity of Thought and Communication

  • Great leaders think and communicate clearly. They describe a vision of the future that people find compelling to work hard to achieve.
  • Clarity of thought always precedes clarity of language. To improve your communication, the best thing you can do is to spend more time thinking about what you believe is truly important for your business.
  • Taking time to prepare internal communications becomes increasingly important as your company grows.

Judgment about People

  • Not everyone is naturally gifted when it comes to intuition about people, but everyone can improve. Gathering more data will help you make better people decisions.
  • Try to learn from cases when you hire or promote the wrong person and are not able to coach them to improve.

Personal Integrity and Commitment

  • Integrity means being able to admit when you have made a mistake rather than acting like you are always right and having the humility to receive critical feedback openly and work to improve.
  • It means avoiding behavior like favoritism, conflicts of interest, inappropriate language, inappropriate work relationships, etc.

It adds all up to trust


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