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Getting to 10x (Results): What Any Developer Can Learn from the Best

By John Lafleur 1 minute read

TL;DR: A great article on the 10x developer: what you can learn from the best. The top 5 attributes are problem-solver, skilled, mentor, excellent learner and passionate. Other qualities are honesty, collaborative, communicative. A lot of non-technical qualities!


If there are common processes that need automating, make the time to automate them. Score some big wins, and your coworkers and managers will appreciate the initiative. Focus on the problems with the most impact.


Skills are developed from two ingredients: understanding and practice. First you have to know what to practice. You have to understand the concepts that form the foundations of the language and craft of programming, and then you need to put that understanding to work.


  • Knowing a lot about programming is great, but you’re just one person. No matter how productive you are on your own, there’s no way you can match the performance of a great multiplier. A multiplier is somebody who multiplies the productivity of entire teams.
  • In reality, teams with a strong mentorship culture tend to mentor each other.

Excellent Learner

The tech world changes fast, and nobody can keep up with everything, but you’ll want developers who can quickly adapt if you decide to make important tech changes.


In order to improve constantly, you have to be motivated to go above and beyond the basic job requirements.


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