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Engineering Management Reads

By John Lafleur 1 minute read

TL;DR: The list of articles and books that a VP engineering found super useful to help her navigate her work as an engineering manager.


  • How f*cked up is your management? An uncomfortable conversation about modern leadership.
  • The Coaching Habit. Great book on coaching-style management
  • The Manager’s Path. It covers the basics of Engineering Management and how to progress from there. It also works just as a book to look things up in from time to time.
  • Daring Greatly. This book only has one chapter on management, but the book really shaped the author in many unexpected personal and professional ways.
  • Radical Candor. Great book on building relationships, trust, and strong feedback culture.
  • Difficult conversations – How to discuss what matters most. Very good book about communication in general, and how to talk about what hard things, and what really matters.

Other content

  • A list of great newsletters to follow…
  • …and articles to read for all purposes (moving into management, when starting out, one-on-ones, etc)


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