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From zero to a million users: how to quickly grow a successful tech team

By John Lafleur 2 minutes read

TL;DR: As a tech leader working in a fast-paced environment, how do you successfully scale a company from the ground up to millions of users?

Tech Talent

  • Hire, hire, hire!: Your team is your best asset. Talent seeking can take up to 50% of your time (yes, you read well) in very early stages of a company.
  • Trust & delegate: Thou shall not micromanage. Do not hesitate to give ownership and responsibilities to your team. If they fail, they’ll learn from their errors.
  • Stay hungry: Make sure you allocate time and budget for technical training.

Tech Stack and Infrastructure

  • Think upfront: A tech leader fully understands the business strategy and converts it into high-level tech specifications and requirements that can be executed by the team. Design your systems with scalability in mind.
  • Monitor your Services: By using products such as NewRelic, Dynatrace or Datadog, you can gather quantitative data about the performance of your systems. You can then optimize your services and predict potential bottlenecks.
  • The simpler, the better: Shipping the simplest solution possible, and later build on top of it. While we should always try out the latest technologies, let’s not adopt them on a production level just because they are fancy. Make sure that you have a real-world business case that can actually benefit from them.
  • Technical Debt: It’s OK to accumulate technical debt up to a certain degree as long as you and your team are fully aware of it and have a concrete plan for improvement in the short- and mid-term.


  • Ask for more $$$: Your non-tech peers won’t read your mind. When you need something, ask for it.
  • Ask for discounts: it’s a win-win situation for both parties: if your company grows so will the services you use.

Professional Relationships

  • Be empathetic: This is the best way to foster clarity in communication at any level, as well as to persuade others to follow your guidance and recommendations.
  • Be a part of the local tech community: You meet new people, share ideas and catch up with new and old colleagues. During such events, you might also discover new talent to hire.



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