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Product Manager Skills By Seniority Level — A Deep Breakdown

This post lists the key insights from this article written by the head of product at XO group, now SVP Product at Invision, Brent Tworetzky.

A great article illustrating the different seniority level you can find within product management.

Product Management Career Ladder

Here are the different ladders they had at XO:

Skills required for each level

Strategic Thinking

ability to lead to answers for increasingly large problem and product areas, with corresponding internal thought leadership. Includes: brainstorming, structuring thinking, driving strategy, becoming go to expert.


Clear written and oral communication to larger and higher stakes audiences. Includes: writing clear emails, communicating clearly in person, writing and providing presentations.


Increasingly more facilitation and getting things done with others within and across teams. Includes: actively participating in meetings, leading meetings, running squad processes, solving problems with other squads, appropriately avoiding and diffusing conflict.


using Product Management and partner function (Engineering, Design) tools to partner well across the team. Includes: writing stories, performing analytics, building prototypes, understanding SEO.

Details & Quality

Driving results and catching mistakes across increasing scope. Includes: writing clear specs with use cases, delivering products small and large on time and with few bugs, navigating options to deal with bumps in the road, achieving outcomes.

User Science & Empathy:

Mastering the User Science toolkit to better understand users and fit products to user needs and behaviors. Includes: succeeding with survey, interview, prototyping, A/B testing, and analytics tools, understanding and representing different user types and their needs, synthesizing user science into insight.


Growing people and organizations successfully. Includes: mentoringmanaging, growing teams, and growing organizations.

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