Why do we have this kind of love-hate relationship with our project management tools, and just feel love for tools as Slack. Why is that? We decided to research this topic to understand what the perfect project management would look like!

What is Product Leadership?

Product teams live in a world of uncertainty. Our purpose as Product Managers is to fill in the blanks between what we’ve already built, and what is next. We need to approach ambiguous situations with an open mind, curiosity, and a readiness to learn.

The Fallacy of Product Management

The scope of product management is incredibly broad and varied and product managers have to be on their toes to run everything smoothly. But that doesn’t mean that product managers have to step in everywhere.

Uber-inspired practices for developer mentoring

The most sought-after software engineers are all generous mentors. People not only look up to them for their skills, but also as they are approachable and continuously help others grow around them. And mentorship is how they keep growing their skills.

Clearbit’s approach to management

Management is an art is severely underrated in the wider business community. Your manager can make or break your experience at work, as your primary contact with a company. Ultimately, people don’t leave companies; they leave managers.

The Right Way to Ship Software

Different methodologies optimize for different goals, and all of them have downsides. If you maximize for schedule predictability, you’ll lose on engineer productivity. All investments of effort trade against something else you could be spending the time on.