Why do we have this kind of love-hate relationship with our project management tools, and just feel love for tools as Slack. Why is that? We decided to research this topic to understand what the perfect project management would look like!

What is Product Leadership?

Product teams live in a world of uncertainty. Our purpose as Product Managers is to fill in the blanks between what we’ve already built, and what is next. We need to approach ambiguous situations with an open mind, curiosity, and a readiness to learn.

The Fallacy of Product Management

The scope of product management is incredibly broad and varied and product managers have to be on their toes to run everything smoothly. But that doesn’t mean that product managers have to step in everywhere.

3 Kinds of Good Tech Debt

The key is to be intentional about what you invest time in and aware of the costs you’re taking on. Err on the side of building too little because you can always build more later. Build things to be easy to throw away and replace; it’ll make your code more modular.

14 Traits of the 10x Engineer

The Wix Engineering team believe that 10x engineers are not only people that can produce 10x faster than most people, even more, those are people that can make a whole team 10x better by having a positive influence on anyone that they work with.