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Sharing, Bitbucket Server, Sentry & more…our biggest release yet!

Today is a big day for us. It’s our biggest release until now with 5 new features worth discussing about. Let’s check out what those 5 things are.

1. Create groups and share reports

Up until now, every member of a team using Anaxi had completely separate accounts. Team collaboration would only happen on the underlying tools we were integrating with: GitHub, Jira and Bitbucket. However, this was the case until today.

Now teams can create groups with their colleagues and start sharing folders and reports with those groups. Your teammates will then be able to check out the shared reports, but also add them to their own accounts if they want to.

That means you can continue fully customizing your accounts while having some shared indicators with your team, and organized in a way that is the most efficient to you.

In the web and desktop apps, groups and shared items will be displayed just below your folders in the left column.

In the iPhone app, the Shared with me will have a full section by itself, which you can access from the right of the header by clicking this icon.

Learn more how to create groups and share items here.

2. Sentry joining the family of integrations

We want  to integrate with all your software development pipeline, that means that a lot of new integrations will be coming in the next few months. Integrating Sentry helps us cover a part of the pipeline. And connecting your Sentry projects will help you track your unresolved production issues. That’s why we’re so excited about it.

There will be a lot that we want to do about more deeply integrating Sentry with other tools, we’re also just getting started on this.

3. Bitbucket Server now supported on all native apps

Until now, Bitbucket Server was only supported on the iPhone app. You can now connect your account from your macOS and Windows apps too. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to do so from the web app though, because of technical limitations.

That means that Anaxi fully integrates with Jira, GitHub, Bitbucket and Sentry now. Stay tuned for the next integrations, and please don’t hesitate to share with us which ones would mean a lot to you.

4. In-app live chat support with replies under 12 hours

Any question or feedback you have, you can interact directly with our team from the web and desktop apps now. We’re very fond of feedbacks, so please share them as much as possible!

To access the live chat feature on the iPhone app, just go to the Settings, scroll down to the very bottom and tap on “Contact us”.

5. Premium plans for teams with more than 10 people

Anaxi was completely free until now. As we’re creating the foundation of our team collaboration features, we’re also publishing our pricing plans. $19 / month / seat for teams larger than 10 people.

The first 10 members of your organization will stay free though. We thought that was the fair way of doing things. So you have 12 members, you will only be charged 2x$19 = $38 every month.

That’s it! Well, along with a redesign of some parts of the apps! We will let you discover this.

We’re still just getting started, as there are so much things we want to do. Tell us what you think and what you would love to have by directly chatting with us!


The Anaxi Team

4 min​ read

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