Why do we have this kind of love-hate relationship with our project management tools, and just feel love for tools as Slack. Why is that? We decided to research this topic to understand what the perfect project management would look like!

The Fallacy of Product Management

The scope of product management is incredibly broad and varied and product managers have to be on their toes to run everything smoothly. But that doesn’t mean that product managers have to step in everywhere.

What does a CTO do?

A great article about (1) what is the CTO Mission? (2) how to measure the CTO? (3) How should the CTO split his/her time internally vs externally? then finally (4) what are the specific responsibilities of the CTO towards the organization?

Letting Go of Efficiency Can Accelerate Your Company

Efficiency is great if you can plan for the long-term. But because efficiency, by design, locks in roles, processes and practices, it also makes it much harder to change. We need a new model for organizations based on responsiveness.

From Engineer to Manager and Back Again

We work in a creative field, where we are incredibly fortunate to be able to feel fulfilled by what we do. We want to make a difference and in today’s market, we have the freedom to choose the kind of work that best fits our strengths and interests.