Category: Career Path in Product & Engineering

Learn from the very experience of top engineering and product leaders on how you should think about your career path. Learn all the different skills, knowledges and career levels before becoming a CTO, VP engineering or product. Whether you’re wondering about the technical or management path, you should be interested by our curated articles from which we surface the key insights.

The different skills needed to be a successful CTO

The challenges a CTO faces change enormously throughout the life of a company. At first, the CTO needs to get something built quickly. Then the CTO needs to get your product stable, working at scale, and with the security needed…

What a Senior Staff Software Engineer Actually Does

Senior Staff Software Engineer at Box demystifies how they think about the Staff Software Engineer role and captures the specific tasks she works on. A great article showing what changes between a junior and a much more senior in the technical track.

What does a CTO do?

A great article about (1) what is the CTO Mission? (2) how to measure the CTO? (3) How should the CTO split his/her time internally vs externally? then finally (4) what are the specific responsibilities of the CTO towards the organization?

From Engineer to Manager and Back Again

We work in a creative field, where we are incredibly fortunate to be able to feel fulfilled by what we do. We want to make a difference and in today’s market, we have the freedom to choose the kind of work that best fits our strengths and interests.

Which track to take? Engineering or People management

Every manager reaches a point where they need to choose: do they want to manage engineers (a “line manager”), or do they want to try to climb the organization chart – manage managers etc? They should be critical of the instinct to climb the org chart..

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