Category: Engineering Coaching

Learn how the top engineering leaders coach their teams from their own articles that we curate and list the key insights of. Mentoring developers is a very hard skill to grow, and is a must have if you consider a career in engineering leadership, both on the management or technical track.

Uber-inspired practices for developer mentoring

The most sought-after software engineers are all generous mentors. People not only look up to them for their skills, but also as they are approachable and continuously help others grow around them. And mentorship is how they keep growing their skills.

Working the Weekly One-on-Ones

A manager has to learn to create a workplace where all employees feel comfortable both making decisions alone and asking for advice when it’s needed. The one-on-ones are where that habit is built.

How to Make Other Developers Hate to Work with You

’ve all read those 10x developer articles (I wrote some — guilty as charged!). So if you want to know what you need to work on to improve…well, you have plenty of resources. But I have very seldom come across articles on what NOT to do or how NOT to behave as a developer. And actually, this may be the most important part of the equation.

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