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The best articles from engineering leaders on their learnings on building great engineering culture for their organization. Culture is present in every team process and involves every software engineer and manager, to promote productivity, diversity, collaboration and better innovation. If your career path is into software engineering, grow your knowledge on culture and become a better leader.

A Year of Working Remotely

The way to look at remote work is that it’s a series of tradeoffs. You enjoy benefits in exchange for disadvantages. The uptake of remote work over the next decade will depend most on the minimization of those disadvantages.

Don’t ask forgiveness, radiate intent

The author is addressing “It’s better to beg forgiveness than ask permission”. She prefers to shout her intent loudly enough that who needed to should hear it. It leaves evidence for good will, while keeping yourself responsible, among other things.

Culture is the Behavior You Reward and Punish

You should ask the following questions for your company: So what should you do to get ahead at your company? What makes people successful here? What made you successful? That’s your culture. Your culture is the behaviors you reward and punish.

How to deal with production incidents

Re-framing how we think about production incidents

The goal of this post is to provide some pointers about how teams can help new engineers deal with this and also folks early in their career can re-frame the way they think about and deal with production outages.

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