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The best articles about engineering leadership from the top tech leaders of our time. Learn how to build your strategic mindset, communication skills, engineering management expertise. If your career path is into engineering leadership, learn how the best leaders work through our curated articles from which we surface the key insights.

Being a great manager and English gardening have more in common than you might imagine.

What great managers do: Prune

If you want an English garden, most of the work is actually the pruning and the taking care of. It’s not the plant selection, It’s this constant pruning. The day that you stop pruning is the day that the garden is full of weeds and overrun.

How to Exhibit Leadership as an Individual Contributor

Leadership is not tied to a position. Leadership is a mindset. Here are 7 ways individual contributors can show leadership. This includes leadership by teaching, communication, setting high standards, tackling the hard issues and giving credits.

The Five Flavors of Being a CTO

The CTO accomplishes 5 different roles: Evangelist, Super Sales Engineer, Super Engineer, People Leader, Innovator / Disruptor. The article also outlines a framework how to reframe your role into something that makes more sense.

How to Grow as a (Possibly Remote) Engineer

There are many articles that cover the basics of being an effective remote worker. This article furthers the conversation by exploring the ways that more senior engineers can continue to grow professionally.

How to Become a Great Engineering Manager

Software development efficiency has become the No. 1 priority for executives. If you consider that engineering managers might have the biggest impact on the productivity of their teams, then I guess that’s a topic worth discussing!

Do NOT Measure Developers – Measure Projects

We’ll debunk software development productivity metric myths. We’ll look at the metrics you should only use with caution — in specific conditions and in a certain way, and the really useful ones that you should introduce within your team.

How to be a 10x engineer (or even a distinguished one)

We’ve all heard about the 10x engineer phrase. Did you know the original 1960s study actually mentions a 20x difference between a great engineer and a bad one? It compared initial coding time, debugging time, program execution speed, program size…

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