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The best articles and best practices from high-growth companies about how they consider, measure and improve productivity and performance within their teams. See what measurement systems they use (not lines of code) and how to increase leverage at every level and opportunity. If your career path is into engineering or product leadership, learn how the best leaders work through our curated articles from which we surface the key insights.

How to Use Software Productivity Metrics The Right Way

Software engineering velocity metrics have always been a very debated topic. Largely because they have been used the wrong way most of the time. This article lists the different ones available, and see how and when you can use them.


Reasoning about Leverage in Engineering Organisations

Leverage is an important concept for an engineering organisation. When we are debating whether to standardise and on what, which technology tools and stacks to use, we are ultimately talking about or around, the topic of leverage of technology.

A New Way for Developers to Tame Their Notifications

Every day, I spend half an hour going through all the new activitiies. I have dozens of Jira tabs open. This is a long process every day. The worst of it is when I’m done, here is a new update. But maybe, there could be a better way…

Increase Leverage to Become More Effective Engineers

Working hard is not the same as working effectively. It’s the difference between being busy and being productive. With so many things that we could be working on, it’s important to take a closer look at how we are managing our time.

Top 12 Things That Destroy Developer Productivity

Here’s a prioritized list of 12 behaviors or processes that prevent your developers from getting “into the zone” and being productive. If you’re wondering if this is worth the investment, just consider 10% of the developer’s salaries!

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