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The best and latest articles from engineering leaders about the processes they put in place to scale their engineering teams. Including any methodologies (agile of course), requirement specifications, deadlines, or the whole software development lifecycle (SDLC). If your career path is into engineering leadership, learn the latest trends through our curated articles from which we surface the key insights.

How To Fix The Enterprise DevOps Dilemma

DevOps is now a well identified category with more and more tools that claim to make the life of DevOps easier. I would argue that today we don’t have much choice. There are two main reasons: open source software is eating the world, and syncing is hard.

3 Kinds of Good Tech Debt

The key is to be intentional about what you invest time in and aware of the costs you’re taking on. Err on the side of building too little because you can always build more later. Build things to be easy to throw away and replace; it’ll make your code more modular.

The Right Way to Ship Software

Different methodologies optimize for different goals, and all of them have downsides. If you maximize for schedule predictability, you’ll lose on engineer productivity. All investments of effort trade against something else you could be spending the time on.

Is High Quality Software Worth the Cost?

When thinking about internal quality, you should stress that we should only approach it as an economic argument. High internal quality reduces the cost of future features, meaning that putting the time into writing good code actually reduces cost.

Software Quality: The Top 10 metrics to build confidence

How do you measure quality in software engineering? This is the question there will always be a debate on. This article lists the quality-related metrics that the top engineering teams have been keeping track of, and see when and how you should use them.

How to Use Data to Improve Your Sprint Retrospectives

Most agile teams do sprint retrospectives to iterate on their software development process. This article lists indicators on the health of your team’s collaboration. It might be worthwhile to consider them to compare sprints during retrospectives.

Letting Go of Efficiency Can Accelerate Your Company

Efficiency is great if you can plan for the long-term. But because efficiency, by design, locks in roles, processes and practices, it also makes it much harder to change. We need a new model for organizations based on responsiveness.

How Silent Meetings Can Fix Meetings as We Know Them

Silent Meetings are meetings where attendees read a piece of shared context and discuss on it. This enables better focus and participation from everyone, and fixes all the issues we all have on meetings that go astray. They are vastly used at Amazon.

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