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How to Become a Great Engineering Manager

Software development efficiency has become the No. 1 priority for executives. If you consider that engineering managers might have the biggest impact on the productivity of their teams, then I guess that’s a topic worth discussing!

Do NOT Measure Developers – Measure Projects

We’ll debunk software development productivity metric myths. We’ll look at the metrics you should only use with caution — in specific conditions and in a certain way, and the really useful ones that you should introduce within your team.

How to Make Estimates Finally Useful to Developers

Ask any developer to estimate how long it will take for them to finish a project. You will see the loathing in their eyes. In order to make estimates useful, managers need to abide by a few rules, that will even improve the quality of your software.

How to be a 10x engineer (or even a distinguished one)

We’ve all heard about the 10x engineer phrase. Did you know the original 1960s study actually mentions a 20x difference between a great engineer and a bad one? It compared initial coding time, debugging time, program execution speed, program size…

Top 12 Things That Destroy Developer Productivity

Here’s a prioritized list of 12 behaviors or processes that prevent your developers from getting “into the zone” and being productive. If you’re wondering if this is worth the investment, just consider 10% of the developer’s salaries!

How Github Can Be the Most Powerful Ticketing Tool

Compared to other ticketing tools, GitHub is the only platform giving entire freedom to define whatever types of labels you want. Are there any unique best practices that can make us all want to switch to GitHub to manage our projects?

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