Increase visibility and collaboration within your organization's initiatives

Anaxi is the system of record for your engineering organization, bringing all projects together and enabling teams to collaborate on always up-to-date progress and performance indicators.

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Bring all your projects together in one place

and get the visibility you need to focus on what matters most within your large and complex initiatives.

Anaxi lets you connect your organization’s multiple GitHub, Jira, Bitbucket and Sentry accounts and add all your projects, so you can see everything in one place. We are integrating new tools every month. 

A personalizable dashboard
for every level of the organization

organized as a tree, with each node being projects or teams.

Personalizable tree (2) (1)

Built from aggregation of shared dashboards

Teams can share their dashboards to their managers who can do the same with their own managers, all up to the head of the organization. So everyone has the level of information they need.

Drill in on what deserves your attention

Curious about an indicator? You can click on it to drill in and see which projects exactly are succeeding or falling behind.

An actionable and collaborative system of record

that lets your organization collaborate more effectively.

Improve your team collaboration on their projects with different views

When reaching the lowest-level reports, Anaxi will let you drill in its content, and offer you several views to do so.

The Feed view will show you the latest events on the issues or pull requests comprised in the report. They can also be displayed in a List or Board view, if you need it.

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Contextual discussions throughout the organization

Managers can discuss at a report or project level with the people having access to them. Leaders will finally be able to base their conservations on concrete data, instead of feelings.

Teams will have their own space to communicate, so discussions are finally contextual to the sprint or milestone.


Secured for the Enterprise


We never have access to your data

Anaxi only stores anonymized descriptions of filters (not their results), for cross-device syncing. The data obtained from GitHub, Jira, Bitbucket & Sentry never leaves your device. The same rule applies to credentials and tokens. Learn more


Your team doesn't need to switch tools

Anaxi is a platform on top of GitHub, Jira, Bitbucket & Sentry. It doesn’t duplicate the data and stays in sync with them.

So your team can continue using their tools in a fully transparent way.

Host Anaxi where you need it

Get the same Anaxi experience whether in the cloud, on your servers or private cloud.

By default, Anaxi stores its limited server data with Amazon Web Services, and as such, benefits from the secured, distributed, fault tolerant environment provided by Amazon. 

For private instances, just contact us so we set it up for you. We can make Anaxi available on any server supporting Docker (AWS, Azure, GCP, BlueMix, your own servers).

Testimonial_Sam Alba

It was a huge challenge supporting the rapid growth of Docker’s open-source community in terms of structuring and managing the GitHub project. Anaxi resolves this issue by providing a holistic view to help get better control of the software development process.

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