We reimagined the Jira and GitHub interface

for better efficiency and collaboration!

An interface as efficient as you


Bringing Fast again

The creator of Gmail, Paul Buchheit, had a rule: every interaction should be faster than 100ms. Why? Because 100ms is the threshold where interactions feel instantaneous. That’s our aspiration!

No more inefficient page loading

Need the details of a ticket? Anywhere you are, get all the info you need right away in the right panel. Be as efficient as you would like to be, using only one browser tab.

Turn notifications in structured conversations

Anaxi lets you filter your notifications as you see fit and display them in a conversational style to help you understand at once what happened and contribute directly.

Spend 3x less time on understanding what happened since your last session!

Control your interruptions

…by switching off your email notifications!


Work faster with your workflow in place​

Organize your filters into folders so they fit your personal workflow. You will get a high-level view at once and be a click away to wherever you need to go.

See what deserves your attention

Customize the state indicators of your filters based on your deadlines. Red triangle means alarming! These indicators will show you the state of your projects at a glance!

  • On Whatever You Do
  • Handling Notifications
  • Your Workflow, Your Needs

Keep track while on the go

Access and edit all your channels from our iPhone app. All edits will be written back onto your GitHub and Jira project. So don’t hesitate to participate to the discussion!

Anaxi brings all your projects together

Manage your tickets and PRs altogether

Wherever they are.

We will be integrating other tools in the future. Stay tuned and let us know which one you want.

Soon available on any tools

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