Cross-project collaboration and reporting
to help your team ship faster and better

No access to your data, no need to enroll your team, no credit card!

The operating system your engineering teams need to manage all your systems and projects

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Tie your systems together for better visibility on all your projects

Anaxi lets you connect your multiple GitHub, Jira, Bitbucket and Sentry accounts and add all your projects, so you can see everything in one place. We use OAuth2 for cloud accounts and API tokens for on-premise ones. Anaxi will never have access to your data. 

Build your team's own reporting system

Create reports to keep track of the tickets or pull requests of your projects. For each report, Anaxi will display the number of items in them and a badge on the number of items that were updated since your last visit. Last but not least, organize those reports in folders, and share the ones you want with your team.

Boost your team's success
with more efficient collaboration

Build the common system of records for your team

Anaxi lets you create reports, and aggregate them in folders as you see fit, and share them within groups, so everybody is aligned with the same set of indicators. And only people with access to the underlying projects can see the report. You keep full control over data governance.

Personalizable tree
Feed view

Manage all your projects from one single interface

When drilling down in reports, you reach the actual list of tickets, pull requests or crashes. You can manage those lists from a List view, or from a Feed view which will show the latest activities that happened in them, grouped by items. You can essentially manage all your projects right from Anaxi.

Identify risks and ship faster
with engineering intelligence

Understand your team's software development workflow

Understand your team’s work pattern through the lines of code produced, the commit frequency, the code churn and refactoring efforts. Pinpoint how much goes to pay down technical debt. And finally map out process improvements with actual concrete data.

See what deserves attention amid your team and projects

Aggregate reports into folders and customize their state indicators with thresholds that can depend on your deadlines. Red means alarming! Folders will show the most alarming state, so you can see where to drill down. You will see the state of all your indicators at a glance and where to take action!

Peace of mind with
built-in security and compliance


We don't have access to your data

The data obtained from GitHub, Jira, Bitbucket & Sentry never leaves your device. The same rule applies to credentials and tokens. Anaxi only stores anonymized descriptions of reports (not their results) for cross-device syncing. Anaxi is like another browser on which you connect your tools.


You don't need to enroll your team

Anaxi doesn’t duplicate data. Everything you do is done directly on GitHub, Jira, Bitbucket and Sentry.

So your team can continue using their tools in a fully transparent way.

Anaxi works seamlessly wherever you are