Anaxi brings visibility to your software development process

Anaxi helps everyone have the visibility they need, whatever their role and level

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Monitor the important issues

Anaxi helps you monitor the number of blocker or critical bugs, so you can have a better sense of the quality of your next release or current version.


Understand how you can contribute more to your team

Anaxi lets you select the team members for whom you want to see the distribution of tickets and pull requests, so that you can see who you can help. Become a recognized contributor to your team.


Keep track of your day-to-day priorities and pull requests

Anaxi gives you a quick access to the issues assigned to you and to your current pull requests, across all your projects.

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Understand the full picture

Customize the color indicators of your reports based on your deadlines, so they are displayed red when they should require your attention! These indicators will show you the state of your software development process at a glance!


Easily update issues on the go

Anaxi lets you edit your issues on the go. All edits will be written back onto your GitHub project. 

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