The GitHub desktop client that upgrades it all

Saved filters. Label categorization. Personalized feeds to keep track. Manage all your GitHub projects from one powerful & personalizable desktop native app.

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Designed for you and your team,
Secured for the Enterprise


We don't have access to your data

The data obtained from GitHub & Jira never leaves your device. The same rule applies to credentials and tokens. Anaxi only stores anonymized descriptions of filters (not their results) for cross-device syncing.


You don't need to enroll your team

Anaxi doesn’t duplicate data. Everything you do is done directly on GitHub and Jira. So your team can continue using their tools without noticing.

Make GitHub the most powerful ticketing tool


Structure your labels in categories

Anaxi categorizes labels so you can better structure your projects. priority/p0 becomes a category priority with a value p0. You don’t need to know them all anymore to manage your projects. 


Track the filters that matter to you

You can now save your favorite filters, and have a quick access to them, in addition to keeping track of the number of corresponding pull requests or issues.

Organize your new activities into structured conversations

Never miss a bit for what matters to you

Anaxi lets you filter your updates as you see fit and display them in a conversational style to help you understand at once what happened and contribute directly.

Feeds for better understanding

Feeds let you easily participate in the conversation. No need to refresh your pages to see your colleague’s answers any longer.


Understand and improve your team’s software development workflow

Weekly activity reports to track progress

Understand your team’s work pattern through the lines of code produced, the commit frequency, the code churn and refactoring efforts. Pinpoint how much goes to pay down technical debt. And finally map out process improvements with actual concrete data.

Streamline your code reviews

Anaxi adds a complexity value to your pull requests, based on the number of lines of code changed, of files touched, whether the code is refactoring, new code or other. Sorting pull requests on this indicator enables you to choose how to allocate your time for code review purposes. 

The high-level view your team needed across its multiple project

Build your big picture with folders

Add all your projects and organize your filters into folders that fit with your needs. You will get a high-level view at once.

See what deserves your attention

Customize the state indicators of your filters based on your deadlines. Red triangle means alarming! As folders replicate their filters’ colors, these indicators will show you the state of your projects at a glance!


Keep track and participate on the go

Access and edit all your channels from our iPhone app. All edits will be written back onto your GitHub project. So don’t hesitate to participate to the discussion!


If you use GitHub issues, you don’t need to consider switching to Jira to better plan your sprints and releases!


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