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Your Personalized Feeds for Jira and GitHub

Stay ahead of your projects, by filtering events and grouping them into dedicated feeds.

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No strings attached

no access to your data, no need to enroll your team, no credit card

No access to your data

The data obtained from GitHub & Jira never leaves your device. The same rule applies to credentials and tokens. Anaxi only stores anonymized descriptions of filters (not their results) for cross-device syncing.

No need to enroll your team

Any action performed on Anaxi is written back on GitHub and Jira, so your team can continue using their tool without noticing.

as featured in


not scattered updates


Your notifications organized
 & prioritized

Anaxi lets you filter your projects’ updates as you see fit. Build a filter for your specific needs or priorities.


Untangled for live conversations

Threads let you easily participate in the conversation. No need to refresh your pages to see answers any longer.


With easy access to context

Need more context? Click on the ticket title to display instantaneously its details in a right panel. Get all the context you need without needing to open a new ticket page.

Your saved lists of issues and pull requests

with the features you dreamed about


Powerful filters

Need your issues without assignee? Or the ones not updated in the last 2 weeks? Everything is possible.

Indicators to streamline your flow

Code complexity indicators for your pull requests. Number of items for each list. Know what to focus on. 

Super fast and efficient

No more waiting for pages to load for each ticket. Displaying ticket details becomes instantaneous!

Actionable reporting

that is finally useful to you and your team

Issue, PR and commit-based

Anaxi lets you track the number of issues and pull requests from the filters you saved. Anaxi also gives you commit-based weekly activity reports (code churn, refactoring etc). 

Build your big picture with folders

Add all your projects and organize your filters into folders that fit with your needs. You will get a high level view at once.

See what deserves your attention

Customize the state indicators of your filters based on your deadlines. Red triangle means alarming! You will see the state of your projects at a glance!


Anaxi brings all your projects together

Manage your tickets and PRs altogether

Wherever they are.

We will be integrating other tools in the future. Stay tuned and let us know which one you want.

The data security level you need

Your GitHub and Jira data stays private

Anaxi connects directly to your projects and build the filter results from the app itself. Anaxi won’t have access to any of your code or issue-related data. 

No need to install anything

You can use Anaxi and your team can continue to use GitHub or Jira directly in a transparent way. Any action performed on Anaxi is written back on GitHub and Jira.

Three easy steps to get going
Connect GitHub Jira account @2x


Connect your accounts

Rest assured your data stays safe within your device and accounts. No need to install anything on GitHub or Jira.



Select your projects

Select the private and open-source projects you want to track. Don’t worry, you can add others later!



Personalize your filters

Anaxi helps you create your first filters so they fit your need. You can edit any or add new ones for the insights you need any time.

Testimonial_Sam Alba

It was a huge challenge supporting the rapid growth of Docker’s open-source community in terms of structuring and managing the GitHub project. Anaxi resolves this issue by providing a holistic view to help get better control of the software development process.

Sam Alba


VP Engineering at Docker

Soon available on any tools

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