Bringing together systems, data, and people for a fully connected engineering organization.

Anaxi unifies every component of your software engineering organization to empower teams with the right data, and drive smart conversations and decision making.

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Designed specifically for you,
Secured for the Enterprise


We never have access to your data

Anaxi only stores anonymized descriptions of reports (not results), for cross-device syncing. The data obtained from GitHub, Jira, Bitbucket and Sentry never leaves your device. The same rule applies to credentials and tokens. Anaxi is like another browser on which you connect your tools.


You don't need to enroll your team

Anaxi doesn’t duplicate data. Everything you do is done directly on GitHub, Jira, Bitbucket, and Sentry.

So your team can continue using their tools in a fully transparent way.

Anaxi is the first
software engineering management platform

as featured in

Bring all your systems and projects together in one place

and get the visibility you need to focus on what matters most right now.

Anaxi lets you connect your organization’s multiple GitHub, Jira, Bitbucket and Sentry accounts, so you can see everything in one single hub. We integrate new tools every month. 

A common system of records
that drives action throughout the organization

organized as a tree, with each node being projects or teams.

Customize the data to fit your needs

Any individual in the organization can use our pre-built reports and edit them, or set up their own reports from scratch, to get the answers to the question they or their team need answered.

Aggregate or drill down to get the actionable insights you seek

Any report can be aggregated into larger ones. So managers can aggregate their subordinates’ reports to get higher-level insights, and then drill in to go to a lower level. Everyone can have the level of information they need.
Personalizable tree
Feed view

Share reports across teams with control

Anaxi lets you share reports and folders within groups, so everybody is aligned with the same set of indicators. And only people with access to the underlying projects can see the report. You keep full control over data governance.

Act on insights by collaborating directly on tickets and PRs

When drilling down in reports, you reach the actual list of tickets, pull requests or crashes. You can manage those lists from a List view, or from a Feed view which will show the latest events that happened in them, grouped by items.

Set custom alerts to make proactive decisions

Customize the state indicators of your reports with thresholds, that can depend on your deadlines. Red triangle means alarming! Folders will show the most alarming state, so you can see where to drill down. You will see the state of all your indicators at a glance and where to take action!

Keep track and participate on the go

Access and edit all your reports from our iPhone app. Edit your tickets, pull request or crash reports and it will be written back onto your GitHub, Jira, Bitbucket and Sentry projects. So don’t hesitate to participate to the discussion!

Root for iPhone app - Anaxi

Three easy steps to get going

Connect GitHub Jira account @2x


Connect your accounts

Rest assured your data stays safe within your device and accounts. No need to install anything on GitHub, Jira, Bitbucket or Sentry.



Personalize your reports

Anaxi helps you create your first reports, but you can edit any or add new ones for the insights you need.

step 3 - share with team@2x


Share with a team to collaborate

Get your team on board by creating a group and sharing the reports you want shared with the group. Your colleagues will share their own too.

Testimonial_Sam Alba

It was a huge challenge supporting the rapid growth of Docker’s open-source community in terms of structuring and managing the GitHub project. Anaxi resolves this issue by providing a holistic view to help get better control of the software development process.

Benefiting the whole organization

One interface to manage your multiple projects from your clients.

Make more time for what matters most, by updating your work more efficiently.

Your team’s biggest challenge isn’t coding, but collaborating efficiently.

Increase your organization’s productivity and get visibility in your initiatives.

Soon available on any tools

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