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John Lafleur

Co-founder of Anaxi


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Anaxi is the collaboration hub that connects all your software projects and teams together.

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Anaxi connects all your teams’ software projects in one cross-project task management, analytics, and communication platform for better visibility and collaboration.

Anaxi enables product development organizations to connect all their projects together, in order to get better visibility on dependencies, project progress and risks. Its unified task management and communication interface helps teams more easily collaborate on their interconnected projects. Anaxi intends to open a new data-driven era to engineering organizations, empowering them to better allocate their development time and resources. 

The company was co-founded by Marc Verstaen (previously EVP Product Development at Docker) and John Lafleur (previously CEO at CodinGame) in December 2017. Since then, the team grew to 8 people and the 1st version of the product has been released this summer with a web app and an iPhone app integrating GitHub and Jira. Anaxi will soon integrate other tools and be available on other platforms – Android, desktop -.

Origin Story: 
Marc has been managing engineering developers for 20 years. The only period during which he was satisfied with the project management tool he used was his time at Apple. When Marc left Apple and had to deal with the tools available to the market, he felt there needed to be a platform that helped organizations be more efficient and aligned. That’s how Anaxi’s idea was born.

In early 2017, Marc met John. At the time John was CEO at CodinGame, a training platform that gathered more than 1 million developers. Marc became a board member at CodinGame and they worked together for a few months. Until John decided to leave for a new venture. And that’s when Anaxi started. 

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Marc Verstaen

Co-founder CEO

Former EVP Product Development at Docker. 3x CEO, 2 startups (1 exit). 20+ years leading technical teams – Apple, Oracle & more.

John Lafleur

Co-founder COO

Former CEO at CodinGame (community of 1.5M+ developers). 2x CEO, 3 startups (2 exits). 10+ years leading product & marketing.

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Press Releases

October 16, 2019

Anaxi app aggregates data across software development tools — GitHub, Bitbucket and Jira

July 17, 2019

Developer collaboration hub connects projects and teams for better productivity and visibility

May 08, 2019

No switching between apps, a single personalizable interface to stay on top of priorities

April 02, 2019

Anaxi delivers personalized activity feeds that help engineering and product management teams keep schedules on track.

February 11, 2019

Anaxi announced today that it has created a community site as a forum for engineers and engineering managers to discover and curate high-quality trending articles about topics of interest. Anaxi’s emerging community has already aggregated articles from different sources on leadership, productivity, career, culture, coaching, and more, as a free resource. Anyone can add their own contributions, follow the tags that most matter to them and start building their engineering influencer profile.

November 15, 2018

Anaxi, maker of software that helps engineering organizations gain control over the development process, announced today its iPhone app has added support for Atlassian Jira Server and Cloud versions to its current support for Github, giving engineers and managers increased visibility and intelligence on their software development projects and processes.

September 11, 2018

More than 1.5 million organizations have 25 million active repositories (an average of 17 per organization) on GitHub, the world’s largest community for developers to share, and build better software — with no good way to keep track of everything. Anaxi, a startup co-founded by serial entrepreneurs and veterans of Apple and Docker, today launched an app that gives engineers and managers visibility on their software development projects and processes.