Anaxi Adds Reporting and Sharing Capabilities to Provide Unprecedented Visibility into Software Development

Anaxi app aggregates data across software development tools — GitHub, Bitbucket and Jira

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 17, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Anaxi today announced a new version of its app that adds reporting and sharing capabilities to bring even greater visibility to the software development process. The Anaxi app can be used by product development teams to manage their software projects in GitHub and GitHub Enterprise, Bitbucket Cloud and Server, as well as Jira Cloud and Server.

Now, reports can be created and shared especially to higher levels of management for greater levels of collaboration and better alignment on status and progress – helping to keep projects on track and troubleshoot as necessary.

Reports of any type can be shared while users can maintain their own personalized views of information – providing the best of both worlds – enabling managers to get the information they need to keep projects on track and make adjustments, while users are able to keep and sort project information personalized for their own needs.

“No one is aggregating information across these commonly used tools in the software development lifecycle and now we’re adding analysis and collaboration capabilities on all of that data,” said Marc Verstaen, co-founder and CEO of Anaxi. “By providing the ability to report and share that information across the organization, the result is unprecedented levels of visibility into the software development process giving everyone exactly the information they need to make better decisions to keep projects on track.”

The Anaxi app is free to use by anyone and teams up to 10 members. Teams of more than 10 users will be required to move to the premium plan, which is $19 per month per user.

Data accessed by users of the Anaxi app remains secure with credentials required for GitHub, Bitbucket and Jira. To maintain data privacy and security, the Anaxi app connects directly to users’ GitHub or Bitbucket repositories and/or Jira projects. Any action performed on the Anaxi app is written back on GitHub, Bitbucket and Jira, so other team members will not see any difference and individual users can use the Anaxi app with no impact on other team members.

Ovum analyst Michael Azoff recently wrote,  Streamlining project management workflow with Anaxi, saying, “Anaxi can be thought of as a new generation application lifecycle management (ALM) solution as it acts as a collaboration hub across the popular developer tools GitHub, Bitbucket, and Atlassian.”

Anaxi intends to expand its integrations with other tools to further its coverage of the software development process. Anaxi, maker of project management software that helps engineering organizations increase collaboration among different teams, currently offers free versions of its applications for MacOSWindows and the iPhone. For more information and to see examples, go to

Anaxi is the maker of project management software that helps engineering organizations increase collaboration among different teams. For more information and to see examples, go to

About Anaxi

Co-founded by Marc Verstaen (previously executive vice president of product development at Docker) and John Lafleur (previously CEO at CodinGame) in December 2017, Anaxi is the system of record for software engineering organizations that need to facilitate decision processes. Anaxi opens a new data-driven era for engineering organizations, empowering them to better allocate their development time and resources.

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