Anaxi delivers personalized activity feeds that help engineering and product management teams keep schedules on track.

SAN FRANCISCO, April 02, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — With most software engineering teams overwhelmed by the volume and velocity of work, Anaxi announced today an iPhone app that delivers personalized activity feeds for software projects on Jira Cloud and Server, and GitHub. Now, users have the ability to sort the flow of information in Jira and GitHub relevant to their own needs — effectively helping them to identify the signal from the noise.

Typically, engineering teams are making constant updates in Jira to track their work developing new features, fixing bugs and handling customer requests. Sorting and prioritizing all of that information is a daily pain point for engineering and product managers who perform triage on all of that information to define priorities for their teams and keep schedules on track.

The Anaxi app lets users create dedicated feeds based on filters, such as project, milestone, sprint, component, priority or assignee so they see only the information most relevant to them. New information is highlighted in the feed so that users can immediately act on the most current information.

“Engineering teams and product management now have an effective way to keep track of their priorities, while  filtering out all the noise,” said Marc Verstaen, co-founder and CEO of Anaxi. “We see feeds becoming the primary way for development and product management teams to keep their project schedules on track.”

Anaxi, maker of project management software that helps engineering organizations increase collaboration among different teams, currently offers a free version of its app for the iPhone. The Anaxi app doesn’t directly access user’s data, the communication is restricted between the client (iPhone app) and the data sources (GitHub, Jira Cloud or Server). Anaxi’s apps are designed to connect directly to the users’ Github repositories and/or Jira projects. The feeds are built locally, and remain secure and inaccessible, even from Anaxi itself. Individual users can use the Anaxi app with no impact on other team members. Any action performed on the Anaxi app is written back on Jira and GitHub, so other team members will not see any difference.

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About Anaxi:

Co-founded by Marc Verstaen (previously executive vice president of product development at Docker) and John Lafleur (previously CEO at CodinGame) in December 2017, Anaxi is the system of record for software engineering organizations that need to facilitate decision processes. Anaxi will open a new data-driven era to engineering organizations, empowering them to better allocate their development time and resources.

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