Manage your multiple projects from one single interface

Track your clients' GitHub and Jira projects from one interface. No more time lost switching tabs or tools.

without creating an account

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Designed specifically for you
Secured for your clients' enterprises


We never have access to your data

Anaxi only stores anonymized descriptions of filters (not their results), for cross-device syncing. The data obtained from GitHub, Jira & Bitbucket never leaves your device. The same rule applies to credentials and tokens. Anaxi is like another browser on which you connect your clients’ tools.


You don't need to enroll your client's team

Anaxi doesn’t duplicate data. Everything you do is done directly on GitHub, Jira and Bitbucket.

So everybody can continue using their tools in a fully transparent way.

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A fully personalizable interface to manage your multiple projects

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Get your projects together for better productivity

Anaxi lets you connect your multiple GitHub, Jira and Bitbucket accounts and add all the projects you work on, so you can see everything in one place. We use OAuth2 for cloud accounts and API tokens for on-premise ones. None of this data is stored in our servers, so you can safely use Anaxi without compromising any security.

Build your own filter system

Create filters to keep track of the tickets or pull requests of your different projects. For each filter, Anaxi will display the number of items in them and a badge on the number of items that were updated since your last visit. Last but not least, organize those filters in folders, as you see fit.

Filters will get the insights you need to move faster

with a feed view to be on top of all changes, and a list view to keep track of all your tasks.


Feeds to stay ahead on new activities

Display your filters in Feed view to see the new activities grouped by tickets, and understand at once what happened since your last visit.

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Lists with powerful filters & indicators

Need to see the list of issues assigned to you or that you need to test? Everything is possible. Keep track of your pull requests too.

Three easy steps to get going

Connect GitHub Jira account @2x


Connect your accounts

Rest assured the data stays safe within your device and accounts. No need to install anything on GitHub, Jira or Bitbucket.



Select your projects

Select the cloud or on-premise projects you want to track. Don’t worry, you can add others later!



Personalize your filters

Anaxi helps you create your first filters so they fit your needs. You can edit any or add new ones for the insights you need any time.